Bluewater Recycling Association

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We have all heard the saying that April showers bring May flowers.  As we transition into a new season and we get outside to feel the warmth of the season so does the cleaning of the yard that has been neglected all winter.  We would like to remind everyone that as tempting as it may be to use the large blue bins to collect and dispose of your yard waste, you should stop that thought immediately.  The disposal of yard waste in the recycling bin essentially contaminates all the recyclables which must then be disposed instead of recycled.  It does not only affect your recyclables but also those from all your neighbours. Anyone undertaking this practice is placing at risk their access to the recycling program.  Yes, we will remove your recycling bins if you do not adhere to the program rules.

If you see anyone ignoring our advice using the recycling to dispose of yard waste or any other waste, please feel free to report them on our toll free number 1.800.265.9799 or use the general inquiry form on our contact page.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the new season.

Last updated Wednesday, March 20, 2024