Our Containers


The Association offers many recycling, composting and waste containers.

You may order a new container through our contact page container request form.

95 Gallon Wheelie Bin

Our 95 gallon bin is our standard recycling container issued for family recycling needs. It can accommodate all the bulky cardboard and plastic packaging a family can generate. Some people like this size to stockpile recyclables and set them out once per month. Available for Waste (black) and Recycling (blue). 

Capacity: Equivalent to 6 blue boxes or 4.5 waste bags.

6 bluebox capacity
four and a half garbage bags

95 gallon container

65 Gallon Wheelie Bin

The 65 gallon cart is the smallest recycling bin available upon request.  It is suitable for those individuals generating few recyclables.  It holds up to four blue boxes of materials or up to three bags of waste.  It is suitable for those generating two waste bag per collection with the occasional extra bag providing some flexibility. Available for Waste (black) and Recycling (blue).  Note that green lid for compost is not available. 

Capacity: Equivalent to 4 blue boxes or 3 waste bags.

4 bluebox capacity

65 gallon container

35 Gallon Wheelie Bin

For those who produce little waste, the 35 gallon is an option equivalent to 1.5 bags.  It is smaller than the other two models, and is best suited for those who master waste diversion activities.  This container is the default waste container for all households.  Please, note that recycling bins are not available in this size. Available for Waste (black) only. 

Capacity: Equivalent to 1.5 waste bags.

one and a half bags

35 gallon container