There are thousands of products we define as 'hazardous waste'.

Hazardous Waste

From paint cans, to aerosol spray and oil canisters - there are thousands of products we define as 'hazardous waste'. Learn more about these products and how to properly dispose them.

Local Depots

Your local municipality, in cooperation with its neighbours, sponsors collection events and permanent depots. Visit this page to see your local municipal depots to properly dispose of household hazardous waste.

Special Waste

See the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority site to find your closest drop off depot for this material. 

Paints And More

Do you have leftover paints, pesticides, solvents, or fertilizers? An industry group called Product Care operates this site where you can find a location to properly dispose of this material.


If you have leftover pharmaceuticals, they should be disposed of properly. Don’t just flush them, bring them back to a local pharmacist for proper disposal. This site will give you to the closest site.


Recycling batteries has never been easier. Here’s a guide for recycling batteries and other items that we are commonly asked about. Get information on the products, their applications and how to recycle them.