The heart of the Association lies in our recycling initiative.

My Services

This area will allow you to view your local municipal program information including all the different services available to you, including your schedule. You will have to identify which municipality you are from to access the information.

Material Guide

View our comprehensive guide to most products! This is an fairly extensive list of materials where we provide advice on how to best manage them by identifying whether they can be composted, recycled, reused or reduced!

Our Containers

The Association has a wide range of available containers for your recycling, compost and waste needs. Visit this section to accurately gauge the size of container your household requires, and learn more about the technology behind them!

Top 10 Problems

The Association has compiled a list of the top 10 most problematic materials in the recycling program. These materials may be mistaken as recyclables, prepared inadequately, or they misbehave resulting in high cost and contamination.

Recycle Coach App

Visit our Collection Reminders page to view the Recycle Coach Web App and get more details on the mobile app - available for iOS and Android. Simply select your collection zone for a wide range of tailored information.


The Association understands the frustration when it comes to recycling plastics. Click here to find out more about plastics, what can be recycled and why some simply cannot. We can now accept more plastics than ever!

Deposit Return

Almost all wine, beer and spirit containers purchased in Ontario on which deposits have been charged can be returned to The Beer Store (or other designated Bulk Return Locations) for a full deposit refund. Find out more information here.

What Becomes What?

A common question asked by residents is what exactly recycled material turns into. We have compiled an informative section to show how certain materials are recycled and what they become afterwards. You will be surprised at some of the content.