Bluewater Recycling Association is your environmental alternative.

Who We Are

Find out who really owns the Bluewater Recycling Association. See why and how we were created to begin with. The 'Who We Are' section also highlights our corporate structure and its unique model that is geared to best serve you.

What We Do

We are more than a service provider and it shows. See how we contribute to the local municipalities by offering exceptional education material, advanced collection services, and state of the art processing capabilities.


The Association is a cooperative at heart and it was founded on the basis of collaboration over individual needs. Our founder’s wishes have been well engrained in our management and we are proud of their accomplishments.


Our story is one that began with the local grassroots to solve issues that mattered locally. Our history is one that has kept true to its roots while developing a success story well beyond our boundaries.


We believe that in essence waste does not really exist. We prefer to think of all materials as resources that we may or may not have a use for, hence leading to their value determination as a commodity.

MARS Environmental

Mars Environmental is a division of the Association providing private on-property containerized services for permanent and temporary accounts needing services beyond the municipal curbside service.

Renewable Natural Gas

How can a vehicle be carbon-negative? It’s simple: By running on renewable natural gas (RNG). Ontario’s first carbon-negative waste collection truck is just the beginning of what’s in store for the future of Ontario’s energy.