AODA Policy

The Association is actively working towards achieving a fully accessible website that endeavors to conform to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

The Bluewater Recycling Association strives to adhere to all federal, provincial and local laws and regulations towards creating a fully accessible environment for everyone. We are committed to providing quality service that is accessible to all guests and members of the public.

Wave WEBAIM Tested

Using the Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (, we have adhered to W3C Accessibility guidelines and strive to continue to provide and generate web content that meets these guidelines.

Screen Resolution

This web site is designed to respond to the size of your screen. Resize your browser to the size that best suits your needs.

Text Contrast

All body and heading text on this site has been created to have a contrast ratio over its background of over 4.5:1. This adheres to W3C Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 level AA.


All content images on this site are provided with descriptive ALT attributes. Graphics that are purely decorative in function have empty ALT attributes, to prevent them from displaying on screen readers.


Links have been written to make sense out of context, title tags or spans of text only visible to screen readers have been used to expand on the meaning of short links.


Navigation, images, and relevant links have been given descriptive titles to clarify where the user is currently positioned, and provides insight to certain elements that are not visible by browsers, including search form labels and buttons.


All pages have been built with a smart heading structure, and a logical flow of links, to minimize the confusion of a screen reader in interpreting our content.

Further Assistance

We are committed to improving accessibility for all persons who use our website and we welcome your comments, questions and suggestions about the provision of our services to people with disabilities. You can use one of the following methods to provide feedback:

Call us during regular business hours at: (519)228-6678
Send us a fax at: (519)228-6656
Visit us at our facility in Huron Park: 415 Canada Avenue, Huron Park ON N0M 1Y0
Use our contact form to submit a query: Visit our contact page here