Landfill Sites

Each county has a variety of landfill options. We provide you with a PDF handout, and a list below for your convenience.

Huron County Lambton County Middlesex County Perth County

Huron County

Ashfield Landfill
Halls Hill Line.
Servicing Ashfield Ward

Howick Landfill
Concession #8, Lot 24, Howick
Servicing Howick

Midhuron Landfill
Hwy 8, Holmesville
Servicing Goderich, townships of Colborne, Bayfield, Lucknow, Clinton & Seaforth

Morris Ward Site
85047 Clyde Line
Servicing Morris Turnberry

South Huron Landfill
71230 Ausable Line
Phone: 519.235.3351
Servicing South Huron

Stanley Landfill
38594 Mill Road
Servicing Bluewater

Wingham Landfill
39601 Reid Road
Servicing North Huron

Lambton County

Dawn Landfill
4084 Langbank Line
Phone: 886.324.6912
Servicing Dawn Ward

Twin Creeks Landfill
8039 Zion Line
Phone: 519.849.5810
Servicing All Municipalities

Middlesex County

Kellam Road Landfill
27200 Kellam Road
Phone: 866.525.8878
Servicing Adelaide Metcalfe

Limerick Landfill
724 Limerick Road
Phone: 519.287.2015
Servicing Southwest Middlesex

School Road Landfill
29349 School Road
Servicing Adelaide Metcalfe

Thames Landfill
2015 Crampton Dr.
Servicing Thames Centre

Trillium Drive Site
3945 Trillium Drive
Phone: 519.287.2015
Servicing Southwest Middlesex

W12A Landfill Site
3502 Manning Drive
Servicing the City of London only

Perth County

Elma Landfill
7080 Road 166
Servicing North Perth

Mitchell Landfill
End of West St. N, Mitchell
Servicing West Perth

St. Marys Landfill
1221 Water Street S.
Servicing the Town of St. Marys

Stratford Landfill
777 Romeo St. S
Phone: 519.271.0250
Servicing Stratford

South Easthope Site
2439 Line 29
Phone: 519.595.2800
Servicing Perth East