The last resort is always waste. While we never want to create waste, here are your best options.

Landfill Info

We present you an overview of how landfills work, why they are necessary in today's world, modern technology to help reduce their environmental impact and a guide to local landfills in your area.

Landfill Sites

Interested in visiting a local landfill? This page contains lists of landfill & depot sites in each county. We provide you with a printable PDF map file for your convenience.

Energy Recovery

Some recycling activities generate by-products that cannot be reutilized and not all materials recovered will be recyclable. These residual materials can be managed through energy recovery facilities.


Instead of burning tires or sending them to landfills, their component materials can be reused and recycled into dozens of innovative products. With your help, we are converting tires into something worthwhile.


Are you doing renovations and generating some construction and demolition waste not suitable for curbside collection? See this page to see your options to manage what you have.

Bulky Waste

Whether you are doing a big cleanup or you have items to dispose that are too large for curbside disposal this is the place to visit to evaluate your options to reuse, recycle, or simply dispose.

Containerized Services

If you are a large generator of waste or recyclables, you need something better than curbside municipal services. You need on-property containerized service from our division called Mars Environmental.