Local Depots

Looking for a location to drop off your hazardous waste? Each county has a permanent location, or set of events that you can visit.

Huron County

  • Location: Mid Huron Landfill Site
  • Address: 37506 Huron Rd, Clinton, ON N0M 1L0
  • Website: Huron County Website
  • Phone: (519)482-7668

Lambton County

  • Location: Lambton (Sarnia) Landfill
  • Address: 4090 Telfer Road, RR#1 Corunna
  • Website: Lambton County Website
  • Phone: (519)864-1021

Middlesex County

  • Location: London Manning Landfill
  • Address: 3502 Manning Drive, London ON
  • Website: Middlesex County Website
  • Phone: (519)661-4570

Perth County

There is no permanent local site for Perth County residents. Special events are periodically planned by the local municipalities. Please contact your municipality for more information!