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Visit our facebook page here, and stay informed on important collection news!   Stay up to date on collection changes. We have launched a Facebook business page this week in an attempt to deliver residents time-sensitive information the fastest way possible. The power of social media has been demonstrated for many years now, and the […]

MY-WASTE APP DISCONTINUED AS OF JUNE 14, 2019 Residents can download Recycle Coach to receive the same service Bluewater Recycling Association—Due to recent changes to Apple’s App Store Guidelines, it is no longer possible to have multiple apps in the app store with the same functionality. Tens of thousands of apps are affected. This policy […]

Download the new acceptable list here today!   Blue Box Program Materials The “blue box” program was designed originally to collect specific materials: newspapers, steel cans, aluminum cans, glass bottles and jars, and PET plastic bottles.  The program was expanded to include other materials as markets developed and we had the capability to effectively handle […]

Please slow down around waste collection trucks and follow these safety tips. Safety tips for drivers Slow down when approaching a waste collection truck. Look out for cyclists, pedestrians, and oncoming vehicles before attempting to pass a waste collection truck. The steering wheel is on the right side of the truck, so truck drivers may […]