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Recycle Coach App to replace My-Waste App as of June 14, 2019


Residents can download Recycle Coach to receive the same service

Bluewater Recycling Association—Due to recent changes to Apple’s App Store Guidelines, it is no longer possible to have multiple apps in the app store with the same functionality. Tens of thousands of apps are affected. This policy change means we can no longer offer both the Recycle Coach and My Waste apps.

The My Waste app must be retired on June 14, 2019.  It will no longer be available for download after this date. Between now and then residents who download it will be prompted to download the Recycle Coach app.

Residents can continue receiving the exact same information and service using the Recycle Coach app, available for iOSor Android.

After June 14ththe My Waste app will continue to function normally, but it will be impossible for it to be updated. Eventually performance issues will develop as Apple & Android upgrade their operating systems. It is expected the My Waste app will be fully decommissioned later this year, at which time users will stop getting reminders and will be unable to use any of its functionality.

Starting May 6th, 2019 residents will be asked to download the Recycle Coach app and delete the My Waste app using these methods

  • A message on the web app that is installed on your website (the branding and app store links on the web app will also be updated).
  • My waste app users will receive daily notifications starting May 6th, asking them to download the Recycle Coach app. After doing so they will be instructed to delete the My Waste app to stop receiving the notifications.

All other users, including those receiving reminders and notifications via email will not be affected, other than they will notice the branding change. They will not receive any notifications from the Recycle Coach/My Waste team.

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